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Huttons’ comments on ACS relocating to Tengah

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There is unlikely to be any impact on rents in the short term as the relocation is in 2039. However in the long run, when ACS (Junior) moves to the Barker site, there may be an impact on the rents of homes by up to 10% around the Cairnhill area as they are more than 1km away from ACS (Barker).

The Winstedt site may possibly be rezoned to residential in the long run.
It was observed that the Government will relocate good schools to a new HDB town. For example, Nan Chiau Primary School was relocated to Sengkang in 2000, Mee Toh School to Punggol in 2004. This will encourage more families with school going children to move to a new town. It does not come as a surprise that a good school is moving to Tengah.
For the buyers of flats and Copen Grand in Tengah, this is a piece of good news for them. This may boost the application rate of flats in Tengah in the Feb BTO exercise. It may even lower the rejection rate of BTO flats.
There are 2 EC sites along Bukit Batok West Ave 5 and 8 which will be launched for sale in 2023/24. There may be more applications for the EC from young families. The existing private condo, Le Quest may see more interest when ACS (P) moves to Tengah.
In the long run, it may increase the attractiveness of Tengah and attract more younger families. This has been observed for Sengkang and Punggol. Rents of homes with 1km of ACS (P) may be up to 10% more than those outside the 1km.
For prices of private homes, a NUS study found that the loss of a Top 50 ranked school resulted in a fall of 8.5% for homes within 1km and 12.2% for homes within 1 to 2km. Conversely the reverse may be observed for an area that gained a Top 50 ranked school.