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What is the future of real estate?

What is the future of real estate?

Over the past four months, youths researched and brainstormed solutions for several challenge statements in the Huttons Innovation Challenge for the real estate industry’s transformation. 

From changing working norms, to innovation, the metaverse, and sustainability–they explored:

1. What are the challenges and trends arising from an ageing population and proportion of singles in Singapore, and what could be the plans and initiatives in terms of private non-landed homes (including but not limited to co-living options) that can be taken to support their future needs?

2. The metaverse is touted as the next big thing. One investment bank sees it as a trillion-dollar opportunity. How can developers leverage on this space to market physical residential properties?

3. How will the shift towards hybrid working arrangement affect the demand in commercial and residential real estate?

4. How will sustainability influence the design of future residential developments?

5. How can smart, algorithm-based and AI technology help consumers and investors in real estate?

The winners of Huttons Innovation Challenge received their recognition from Minister for National Development & Minister-in-Charge of Social Services Integration, Mr Desmond Lee, during Huttons Annual Congress 2022.

Champions from NUS, The “URL” To Sustainability

(Tong Pei Jie Kelly, Teo Jia Rong, Estelle Ho, Tee Xiao Wei, Koh Kai Hong)

The 1st prize winners are a team of undergrads from NUS Business School, Department of Real Estate who walked away with $25,000 cash for their idea in sustainability through ‘URL’; Utility, Reliability and Liveability. 

1st Runner-Up from SIT, Project New-Metaverse (Tyu Ke Wei, Tyu Ker Yu)

2nd Runner-Up from NUS, VRIEW (Lin Si Qi)
The first and second runner-ups both tackled potential solutions for developers to leverage on the metaverse to market physical residential properties. The top 10 winners walked away with $50,000 cash prizes in total.
Read the winning submissions’ summaries here: https://innovation.huttonsgroup.com

Ideas validated by industry veterans and professionals
Our deepest appreciation once again to our esteemed judges like Mr Chia Hock Lai (Co-founder | Global Fintech Institute, CEO | Switchnovate, Senior Blockchain Advisor | Tembusu Partners, Co-chairman | Blockchain Association Singapore), Mr Chun Hsien Peng (Vice President | VISA), Mr Ho Sing (Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer | YTL Starhill Global REIT Management), Mr Michael Velten (Southeast Asia Investment Management and Real Estate Leader | Deloitte) and Mr Simon Wong (Managing Director | Geberit North & South East Asia) along with our CEO Mr Mark Yip too.
Onward for Real Estate
This inaugural Huttons Innovation Challenge had enabled students to put their creativity to great use and helped re-imagine how the industry can transform. They also networked with international companies at the finale on 5 Aug.
The search for innovative solutions for the transformation of real estate is continuous as doing good for the community is good for our business’ sustainability too.
P.S. We are hiring videographers and marcom interns, interested candidates may email us at hr@huttonsgroup.com.