YA 2017 IRAS Tax Filing(Deadline for E-filing:18 Apr 17) Pertinent Points

Dear Associates,

      1.     Please be informed that starting YA 2017 (Commission received in Calendar Year 2016) onwards, Huttons Asia Pte Ltd will be in IRAS Auto-Inclusion Scheme as required by IRAS. 

2.      Under this scheme, Huttons Asia Pte Ltd will submit the commission received by all Current & Ex-Associates to IRAS.  These submitted information will then be automatically included in the Associates Income Tax Assessment.


3.      You may commence with your tax filing with immediate effect. Please note E-filing deadline is on 18 Apr 2017 and Paper filing deadline is 15 Apr 2017.


4.      Pertinent notes:

a.       You are required to check and submit your income tax returns.

b.      You should include any other income that is not received directly from Huttons.

c.       You do not need to file your income tax returns only if:

1)      You received a No-Filing Service (NFS) letter from IRAS; and

2)      You do not have additional income to declare; and

3)      You do not need to make changes to your tax relief claims.


5.  Refer to attached - CEA Ref: General Circular GC 03-16 dated 1st April 2016 - Notification from IRAS on Common Income tax Errors made by REAL Estate Salespersons


Any queries on your statement, please email to ir8a@huttonsgroup.com.

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