Huttons’ comments on Long Island at East Coast

28 November 2023

Back in the 1991 Concept Plan, Long Island was proposed along the East Coast and it may become a reality in the decades ahead.

Long Island presents an opportunity for Singapore to protect its shoreline against rising sea levels, create a freshwater reservoir, create additional recreational amenities, create more jobs and create more waterfront homes. As an island state, our shoreline is limited but Long Island allows us to triple the length of the waterfront area. The benefits are tremendous.

At a size of 800 ha which is similar to Kallang/Whampoa, there is potential to build between 30,000 and 60,000 homes with a good mix of commercial, recreational and greenery. There will be a mix of low and high rise developments. Some of the lower level homes along East Coast may potentially be blocked by developments on Long Island in the future.

It is highly likely that the allocation for public housing will be more than private housing on Long Island. As this is a prime area, flats will be launched either under the Prime or Plus model. The chances of creating a second Sentosa are low as the Government wants to create an inclusive society allowing everyone access to good homes and not just for the rich.

The density of activities and homes on Long Island will necessitate investment into transport connectivity. There may potentially be a branch off from TEL to Long Island or a LRT line over to TEL.

The majority of the private developments along the East Coast are freehold. They will benefit from the future developments along Long Island. It may even increase the potential for en-bloc in the future.