Singapore’s First Legacy Planning Game Championship to Launch in November

3 November 2023

Singapore, 3 November 2023 – Immortalize, Singapore’s most comprehensive elderhood marketplace and information provider, is pleased to announce the start of a nationwide competition for Will of Fortune by Immortalize (“WOFI”), an immersive strategy card game that aims to break down the taboo surrounding legacy planning. The competitions are organized in conjunction with supporters like Metis Global (Singapore) Pte. Limited., and Huttons Asia Pte Ltd.

WOFI was launched earlier in June this year and uses fun, engaging and repeatedly playable content to help people learn about the tools and professionals involved in planning for one’s legacy. To further encourage conversations on this critical but often neglected topic, Immortalize will be holding WOFI Championship tryouts and competitions across the island nation to spur discussions on the importance of legacy planning.

The WOFI Championships are divided into three sub-categories:

  1. General Championship – Open to Singaporeans and foreigners of all ages;
  2. Finance Professionals League – Open to all financial advisors, wealth managers, traders, investment bankers and other professionals in the finance industry; and
  3. Tertiary Education League – Open to all University, Polytechnic and other students undergoing tertiary education.

Winners of the sub-categories will proceed to compete in the WOFI Championship Grand Final where they will vie for the Legacy Grandmaster title. Over SG$10,000 worth of cash, prizes and/or gifts await winners and participants of the WOFI Championships and tryouts.

Metis Global (Singapore) Pte. Limited., a licensed trust company in Singapore, and Huttons Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore’s largest private real estate agency, are the main supporters of the WOFI Championship. Bequest Private Limited, an estate planning firm, is a supporter of the WOFI Championship – Tertiary Education League.

Interested parties can try out the WOFI game at every Immortalize Elderhood Planning Fair, starting from November 10, 2023.

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About Immortalize

Immortalize is an elderhood marketplace and information provider. Immortalize educates people on what they need to know about legacy, retirement, and eldercare planning, helps them find the right solution providers, and assists them in getting these important matters sorted easily. Immortalize makes ageing easy.

The following supporters of WOFI Championships are available for media interviews. Please send requests to [email protected].


About Metis Global (Singapore) Pte. Limited (“Metis SG”)

A subsidiary of the Metis Global Group and operating under the Trust Business License issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and audited by Ernest & Young. Dr. German Cheung (Founder of Metis Global Group) strongly believes that trusts can be simple and should not be exclusive only to the high-net-worth individuals. This motivated him to venture into the business of providing retail trust solutions since 2013. He has set a vision for the group – “A Trusted Partner in Creating Financial Legacies”.

Metis SG offers simple, accessible, and affordable trust solutions with the aim of enabling more people to have access to the benefits of trust while addressing their financial needs.

Comments from Alex NG, Deputy CEO, Metis SG

“A trust embodies an enduring expression of affection and duty to your loved ones, serving as evidence of your commitment to safeguard and provide for them in your absence. It encapsulates the fundamental essence of estate and legacy planning,” Alex said. “Regrettably, there is limited knowledge and awareness on this subject amongst the general public and I think it is superb idea to enhance our understanding, whilst at the same time fostering openness and togetherness among friends and family members, by engaging in enjoyable and entertaining educational games like WOFI.”

About Huttons Asia Pte Ltd

Established since 2002, Huttons Group(合登集团)is Singapore’s Largest Private Real Estate Agency and has won numerous awards for innovative technologies and industry first initiatives over the years. In association with Savills, Huttons has more than 5,400 professionals marketing hundreds of local and international projects over 8 countries.

As The Preferred Agency of Choice, Huttons strives to provide the highest level of service to clients through vast knowledge across different market segments, and with empathy. Growing from strength to strength, Huttons is also expanding rapidly and extending their reach abroad, making it a seamless experience for clients to buy and sell properties globally.

Comments from Mark YIP, CEO, Huttons Asia Pte Ltd

“Huttons is proud to be the first and exclusive real estate agency to support this Legacy Planning Card Game initiative and empower the wider public to learn while planning for their own legacy in real life. As a strong advocate of real estate literacy and asset progression, we believe in the importance of associates assisting clients with their entire property portfolios in addition to planning for retirement and beyond,” according to Mark.

“Huttons also conducts regular consumer educational seminars to raise awareness about market sentiments and trends through data analytics. Internally, we will continue to invest in raising the knowledge and skills of our associates so that they can provide prompt and professional assistance at every touchpoint and go the extra mile to deliver a high level of client satisfaction for their next dream home or investment property,” Mark added.

WOFI Championship – Tertiary Education League Supporter

Bequest Private Limited

Founded in 2013, Bequest is recognized as the premier one-stop estate solutions provider in Singapore, offering a full suite of services and solutions for preparing one’s last stage of life to ensure a smooth transition for family members and loved ones.