Huttons’ comments on Bayshore public housing

17 October 2023

The Bayshore area has been predominantly private housing. The nearest BTO launch will be the 1,640-unit Bedok South Blossoms in May 2023. Demand was strong with 3 first time applicants for every 4-room flat.

Similar to the strong demand seen for the first PLH launch, the demand for the first Plus flats in Bayshore is likely to be strong as well. The application rate may exceed 3 applicants for each 4-room flat. If HDB offers 5-room flats, we may see more applicants for them compared to 4-room flats as buyers opt for a larger space since they are going to stay there for at least 10 years.

A plot of land above Bayshore MRT station has its plot ratio proposed to be revised to 4.2 recently while there will be a mixed-use development above Bedok South MRT station. Looking at the photo from HDB, it appears that the Bedok South plot will be for private development while the Bayshore plot will be for public housing.

There may be spillover demand to the resale HDB market where there are no restrictions on resale. The prices of these flats may rise at a faster rate than the HDB resale price index.